Details of the Grand Colonial Fair

All Colonial Re-enactors and living historians of the 1740 – 1795 time period are welcome.

Festivities will include Shooting Contests, Backwoods Camps and Scouts, Contests and Demonstrations. Bring your Sale and Trade items for your trade blanket and the Round Robin. Sutlers and traders of the period are also welcome.

Early set up on Thursday or Friday is okay. One hour unloading of camp and gear will be allowed at your camp site on Saturday and Sunday. All camps, clothing and items are to be maintained in the correct Colonial period. This is a 24-hour camp; please keep your clothing and camp site correct at all times. Potable water are available on site and firewood may be found throughout the area. Haul out your own trash. Dogs are permitted. "Tin-Teepee" and modern camp areas are available.

This encampment is being held on private property. Only your respect of the land and fellow attendees will keep formal fees from being charged. A $10 per tent or bedroll donation is asked for to help pay for the “necessities”.

This is the only All-Colonial Encampment available in the Southwest United States!